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While he was ruling at Siddhavatam in peace, lie
converted a small pond which was in the neighbourhood
of the town into an irrigation tank and erected around fne
Siddhesvara temple a wall on which he caused an inscription
to be engraved.*

While this Anantaraja was ruling, an army consisting of
patra~samanta$ and manne-samantas came from Udayagiri
with the object of surrounding Baddevolu slma and halted
near Kamalakuru. At the instance of Venkatapatiraya,
Anantaraja marched with his army, and having attacked the
armies of the Muhammadans and the Ravilla chiefs, won a
victory over them at Grurramkonda. Besides, he led an expedi-
tion up to Kolar in the west and returned with victory.

These exploits of Anantaraja were praised by the Skats of
the time in a verse.

"O! Matla Ananta, son of king Ella ...... did you not

destroy the petty chiefs of Udayagiri iu * fierce battle at
Kamalaktiru ? Did you not defeat the forces of the Ririlla
chief in a battle near Grurramkonda ? Did you not firmly
establish yourself near the fort of Kolala without raising the
siege ? "

While (Anantaraja) was ruling in this manner, Nandyila
Krsnamaraja whom Yenkatapatiraya carried away to Candra-
ghi breathed his last ; and his son Narasimharaja succeeded
him. Matla Anantaraja also died some time later at

Zatjfyat fff&fti&li : Lt R, 22, pp. 303-9,


Matla Ananta attacked Kutupu Sahu (Qutb Shah) in the
neighbourhood of Penugonda and put him to dight ; hi* forces
fell upon ASvaraya's cavalry near Gra^di^l* &TL& Cttt ^ei3a to

* As Otis inscription has be.a pabliahsd by the Ut* Mr. A.
in tb« S**ff*r ff nfayu**g*r* ffi*t*rf, It ia ao* indued Iu